Welcome to the world of Stéphanie HERAUD


1st  year of D.E.U.G. of English,
 option History of Art 
University of Letters of Aix-en-Provence 

Baccalauréat (Graduates) Technological and Tertiary Sciences,
 option Action and Commercial Communication
Lycée Adam de Craponne, Salon de Provence

Card of National Interpreter Guide, English/Italian (n° G.N.: 06 13008)
Lycée paul Augier and University of Nice.

2nd year of D.E.U.G. of History of Art
 by correspondence 
Charles de Gaulle Lille III. 

Card of Regional Interpreter Guide,
 English/Italian (n° G.R.: 02 13/001P)
Lycée Honorée romane, Embrun 

B.T.S. Tourism and Leisures, option Presentation of Regional Tourist Tours
Lycée Honorée romane, Embrun.



July to Sep 06
Guide. Tourist Information Centre in Saint-Émilion
10 weeks
Development of wine skills and discovery of a new region.

Sep 2000
Guide. Historical monument of Carcassonne
1 week
Using the techniques of guiding and development of the general culture.

June and July 00
Person in charge for cultural activities and Guide. Château de Lourmarin
8 weeks
- Reception, guiding: Discovered of my vocation, the trade of guide and skills of the guide.
- Management: Organisation of cultural activities, creation of a folder, participation in the local publicity.